Tanya Hemanth, an Indian shuttler, was “forced” to wear a headscarf during an Iranian medal ceremony.

Tanya Hemanth of India was requested to wear a headscarf before accepting the gold medal after winning the singles match at the Iran Fajr International Challenge in Tehran on February 5 despite widespread protests against the country’s law requiring women to cover their heads.

The organizers reportedly instructed the 19-year-old to follow convention and cover her head at the ceremony.

The prospectus discussed the dress code requirements in the Badminton World Federation’s competition standards, which are frequently used in international competitions.

Although we were aware that headscarves were required for women venturing outside in Tehran, there was no mention of their wearing them while competing, according to TOI’s sources.

The men’s schedule was in the afternoon, and the women’s schedule was in the morning. The women’s matches could only be watched by female fans. Additionally, in matches involving women, all officials were female. Male parents who came to this meeting with their daughters were not allowed to watch any of the matches. Men and women players weren’t typically seen playing together on the court outside of mixed doubles, according to the sources.


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