What Happens if Both Drivers Fall Asleep on a Train? Read to Understand

What Happens if Both Drivers Fall Asleep on a Train? Read to Understand

The safest and most practical form of transportation, according to many, is via train. In India, hundreds of thousands of people commute every day or travel daily by rail. The Indian rail system is ranked second in Asia and is thought to be the fourth largest in the world. A train in Indian railways has two locomotive pilots.

They are responsible for the train’s thousands of passengers’ safety. Have you ever considered what may occur if both pilots fell asleep on a train? Is there a mechanism to stop the train from continuing to move indefinitely until it hits something and derails? Even if it is unsettling to consider, there is no need to become alarmed. Nothing unfavorable will occur. Please allow us to explain.

The train’s primary pilot is known as the loco pilot, while the second person is known as the assistant loco pilot. The other person assumes control when the first person feels ill or falls asleep. It’s unlikely that either will fall asleep.

If so, a device exists to stop the train. The train’s engine has a “Vigilance Control Device” that Railways has fitted. If the driver does not respond after one minute, the gadget will start an audio-visual indication within 17 seconds. It must be accepted by the driver by pushing a button. After 17 seconds if the driver doesn’t act upon this signal, automatic braking begins.

The loco pilot must briefly alter the train’s speed while operating it. Horn needs to be used sometimes. By doing this, the loco pilot will be alert and the train will be moving forward in complete safety, according to the engine-installed system of the train. If the train’s driver doesn’t move for a minute, the engine device turns on.

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