New Feature: Users Will Soon Be Able To Schedule Calls Within Group Chats

With the new scheduling feature, users will be able to schedule group calls directly from within a group chat. This will allow them to select a specific date and time for the call and send a reminder to all members of the group. This will ensure that everyone is aware of the scheduled call and can prepare for it in advance.

The scheduling feature will be especially useful for remote teams, where regular team calls are essential for keeping everyone informed and on track. It will also be helpful for families and friends who want to plan regular catch-up calls, but who may be spread across different time zones.

In addition to the scheduling feature, WhatsApp has also announced plans to improve the overall experience of group calls on the platform. This will include enhancements to the audio and video quality of group calls, as well as the introduction of new features such as the ability to share screens and present presentations during calls.

Overall, the new scheduling feature and the planned improvements to group calls on WhatsApp represent a significant step forward for remote communication and collaboration. They will make it easier for people to stay connected, regardless of their location, and will help to promote more efficient and productive collaboration between teams, families, and friends.

It is important to note that the new feature is currently being rolled out gradually and may not yet be available to all users. However, WhatsApp has promised that it will be widely available in the coming weeks.

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