Neuralink Chip

Neuralink Chip:

Elon musk involved Neuralink. chip musk founded Neuralist in 2016 with the good of developing a device that, after being implanted in a human brain, would allow a computer to translate a person’s thoughts into action. He wants not only to treat brain diseases. and disorders but to core them.

What is a neural link?

Neuralink is a technology that can help humans interact with machines using their brains.

Neuralink is a device specifically a Brain-machine Interface, that will be surgically implanted into the brain and with it, you will be able to communicate with machines and even control them. It will also help to study and cure various medical problems.

How the data transfer will happen via Neuralink?

The company was founded in 2016 and has been working on developing this technology ever since.

The Neuralink chipset called NI chipset will be installed in the skull which is 8mm in diameter and has multiple wire housing electrodes and insulation for the wire.

These wires will be surgically placed inside the brain using a robot. those wires are as thick as the neurons in the brain.

How does neural link work?

Neuralink might not be able to teach us martial arts but it will be able to send and receive electrical Signals through the brain to control machines and it will be able to control basic devices like Smartphones and computers etc.

Now, to understand how Nevralink works we must understand that our brain sends information to different parts of our body using neurons, those neurons in our brain connect with each other to form a large network and communicate using chemical signals called neurotransmitters.

This reaction generates an electric field and. we can record these reactions by placing electrodes. nearby these electrodes can them understand the electrical signal in our brain and translate them into an algorithm that a machine can read. This way Neuralink will be able to read without even opening our mouths.

The goal of the NI clip is to record and stimulate electrical spikes inside our brains.

How will a neural link be installed?

Drilling a hole into the skull and inserting the chip into our brain by using a robot. The Neuralink robot will insert the module into our brain using a microscope and needles the site of 24 microns (a micron is one-millionth of a meter).

Neural link be used:-

The device will also be able to help regain someone’s eyesight even if they have lost their optic reserve.

Neuralink will be the bridge that connects human beings to the next level of artificial intelligence.

In the future, intelligent robots will take humans’ jobs to Conter that Elon’s company Neura link will put an intelligent chip in the brain, to make you smarter than robots.


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