Mumbai: In a case from 2021, BMC disputes medical malpractice at the BKC Jumbo Center.

Mumbai: In a case from 2021, BMC disputes medical malpractice at the BKC Jumbo Center.

Mumbai: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has denied there was any medical negligence on its part while treating one Deepak Shah, 54, at its Jumbo Covid center at Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in 2021.

Instead, it was claimed in the affidavit, which was submitted by Dr. Rajesh Dere of BMC and the then-dean of the BKC Covid Center, that Shah had hidden the fact that he had contracted the virus while exhibiting all the sympt

A resident of Andheri filed a plea with the HC seeking $36 lakh in damages for what she claimed to be medical malpractice as well as inept and improper treatment at the BKC Center. oms of Covid but had delayed getting tested for it.

The petitioner claimed that he became infected while visiting the BMC center.

Shah’s defense claims that he had a hernia procedure just a few days before testing positive for coronavirus in March–April 2021, was admitted to the BMC center, where he contracted an infection, necessitating two additional surgeries, and was then the subject of a hernia operation.

“The earlier physician (Shah’s physician) stated that the patient’s mesh infection was caused by inadequate immunity. Low immunity may have been the specific source of the infection, according to Dere’s affidavit. As a result, in order to deceive the court, the petitioner made misleading statements in the petition.

The affidavit details the circumstances of the case and claims that Shah ignored all of the symptoms and delayed getting tested for Covid-19. The affidavit continues, “However, in spite of the aforementioned diagnosis, the petitioner did not do the RT PCR test and was so concealing the illness to his own harm as well as threatening the lives of others in his vicinity.”

Giving Shah any respite, according to BMC’s attorney Anil Sakhare, would be like opening Pandora’s box.

The document describes the giant Covid center in detail, stating that it was opened on May 18, 2020, in response to the Covid pandemic and the ensuing medical crisis needed to contain the outbreak.

The facility is the biggest hospital in India and only the second Covid temporary hospital created for the care of Covid patients. Up to this point, 27,000 Covid patients have received free care at the BKC facility.

Additionally, it is the biggest immunization center and gave vaccines to about 5 lakh individuals.

Shah has been given four weeks by the HC to submit his further affidavit.

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