JD(S) once more casts the “Peshwa lineage” bait into the troubled BJP waters with an eye towards Yediyurappa

JD(S) once more casts the “Peshwa lineage” bait into the troubled BJP waters with an eye toward Yediyurappa.

BJP leaders charge Kumaraswamy with pretending to have “compassion” for the Lingayat leader in order to achieve political advantage when he claims Peshwa lineage elders were the reason the Yediyurappa government fell.

Despite the state BJP leadership’s decision to reduce B S Yeddyurappa’s role and involvement in the upcoming state elections, his name continued to circulate in Karnataka which was about to go to the polls. On Thursday, JD(S) leader H D Kumaraswamy claimed to have preserved the political career of the veteran Lingayat politician in the BJP and accused individuals in the party with a “Peshwa heritage” of planning Yediyurappa’s successive removals from his position as chief minister. click here

In a statement to the media, Kumaraswamy recalled the formation of the JD(S)-BJP coalition government in 2006 and said that even though he had handed over power to Yeddyurappa after 20 months, “those from Peshwa heritage (and) DNA ensured that the government fell.”

The JD(S) leader stated that “BJP leaders in Delhi — those I referred to as ones of Peshwa pedigree. e. belonging to that community — blocked him from becoming the CM even before he was sworn in.” He said, “Did they treat him honorably when Yeddyurappa became CM for the second time?” He was speaking at a press conference at the Uttara Kannada district’s Kumta.

Pralhad Joshi, the Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Coal and Mines, had previously criticized the family politics practiced by JD(S) supremo H D Deve Gowda’s family when Kumaraswamy referred to them as the “Peshwa lineage.” The JD(S) politician had then said that while Karnataka’s Brahmins were well-educated, individuals with Maratha Peshwa ancestry were responsible for Gandhi’s death and had attacked the Sringeri Mutt, prompting vehement criticism from BJP leaders.

He asserted that Yediyurappa had approached him in 2005 and that his political career would have ended if I had not teamed up with him. “He then revealed to me the taunts he had received from the BJP and declared he could no longer remain in the party. He wanted to leave the BJP and asked whether the JD(S) could make him a minister,” Kumaraswamy said. He added that he was the one who encouraged the BJP leader to use his position as the tallest leader of the state BJP unit rather than resign.

These comments were made in response to BJP leaders’ accusations that the JD(S) leader was “compassionate” with Yediyurappa in order to advance his political ambitions. B Y Vijayendra, the second son of Yediyurappa and BJP vice-president, criticized opposition parties on Wednesday for attempting to incite discord within the BJP ranks by using Yeddyurappa’s name.


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