how to use spam buster

Spam.  Nobody likes it.  Nobody wants it.  No, we aren’t talking about the canned meat, but those unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or even inappropriate messages that hit our email in mass quantities.  While most mailboxes have some type of spam filtering software built into their system, they never seem to do a very good job of catching what you want them to catch, and letting through what you want them to let through.  Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to turn to some type of additional spam filtering product.  One such filtering system, designed for Outlook and Outlook Express users, is receiving rave reviews for its superior detection and low rate of false positives (i.e,. what you want to get through does).


Cloudmark Desktop, formerly known as SpamNet and SafetyBar, uses a unique community-based filtering process.  This community-based filtering system relies on users to report any new spam.  Within minutes of a spammer being reported, they are placed on a blacklist.  At that point, no other member will receive that particular spam.  Cloudmark also applies the same basic process to phishing email scams.


What is interesting is how Cloudmark creates a digital reputation model of reporting spam.  Each user starts with a neutral reputation. A user’s reputation will rise if they are among the first to identify undesirable content.  On the flip side of the coin, a user’s reputation falls when they falsely reports spam.  The result is a system that is automated, highly scalable and resistant to tampering.


An added bonus is that because the software doesn’t depend upon the user to configure its settings, it installs in minutes and is easy to use.  Cloudmark blocks over 98% of spam from reaching your inbox and boasts over one million users worldwide.


The cost of program is $39.95 for a one-year subscription.  The subscription is renewable annually.  For those wanting to test drive the product, a free 15-day trial period for either your Outlook or Outlook Express is available.


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