Air India to buy 250 planes from Airbus

Air India
Air India

Air India has announced plans to purchase 250 aircraft from Airbus. The deal, which is still subject to approval, would be one of the largest aircraft orders in history.   hopes the move will help it compete with other major airlines in the region and expand its global reach. The order is expected to include a mix of narrow-body and wide-body planes, and will be delivered over the course of several years. The deal is a major win for Airbus, which has been working hard to increase its presence in the Indian market.

The proposed deal between Air India and Airbus is seen as a major step towards modernizing the Indian carrier’s fleet and increasing its operational efficiency. The airline has been struggling financially in recent years, and the new aircraft are expected to help reduce costs and improve its competitiveness. The order is also expected to have a positive impact on the Indian economy, as it will create jobs in the aviation industry and support the growth of related businesses. Overall, the purchase of 250 planes from Airbus is a significant development for Air India and the Indian aviation sector as a whole.



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