After learning of lithium reserves in J&K, a terrorist organisation issues a threat.

After learning of lithium reserves in J&K, a terrorist organization issues a threat:

The finding of lithium reserves in Jammu and Kashmir prompted a threat from the terrorist organization People’s Anti-Fascist Front on Monday.

The terror group’s spokesperson declared in a statement that under no circumstances would it permit the “exploitation” and “stealing” of Jammu and Kashmir’s resources.

The statement read, “These resources belong to the people and should be exploited for the development of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It also issued a warning to Indian businesses, stating that it would strike any of them that dared venture into Jammu and Kashmir’s “troubled waters.”

In the Salal-Haimana region of Jammu and Kashmir’s Reasi District, the Union Ministry of Mines announced on Thursday that it has found 5.9 million tonnes of lithium deposits.

This is India’s first significant lithium resource to be discovered. Lithium deposits of 1,600 tonnes were discovered in the Marlagalla region of Karnataka’s Mandya district last year, according to a survey conducted by the Atomic Minerals Directorate for Exploration and Research. The rechargeable batteries used in electric cars and other modern devices like computers and smartphones are powered by lithium, a rare mineral. The government intends to increase sales of electric vehicles in the nation in order to reach its decarbonization targets, thus the supply of lithium is crucial.

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